Wednesday, December 03, 2014

My Two Dollar Car

1995 Chevy Geo Prism

My son, Tommy Mullen, was going to sell this car for junk, so I bought it (real cheap).

His issues with the car started when he put in the wrong kind of antifreeze… and then everything else just went downhill from there. The car sat for a long time.

I thought the car still had potential. Front-wheel drive. 30 mpg! FWD would be good in the snow, and who doesn’t want great gas mileage? Sure, it was old, but I didn’t care. I could drive it anywhere, park it anywhere. No fear. So what if it gets banged up? It’s a two-dollar car. It just needs a little work. How bad could it be?  

So… my husband, Tom Mullen, worked on it… and worked on it. Many times, he almost gave up. He cussed at it. He threatened to drive it into South River. He had other work to do. He couldn’t be spending all his time on “that piece of sh*t”. But, he persevered, and a year later, the Money Pit is ready for the road!

*It still has a small issue with the engine idle, but he’ll take care of that… eventually. He has other things to do.

I hear the donkeys calling.

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