Saturday, April 14, 2012

Light Fixation

What is it with our fixation with lights? My husband, Tom, has this thing about the light switches being in their proper on/off position—which I find to be a little silly. Who cares?—while I believe that if you leave a room and you’re going to be gone for more than ten minutes, you should turn off the light. This thing about using more electricity turning lights on and off, rather than leaving them on, had to be something the electric company made up. I don’t believe that for a minute. How can you save money by keeping your house lit up? So, I go around turning off the lights, while Tom follows me checking on the switch position. I get a laugh out of this every time I think about it. Then, I found out his sister feels the same way about light switch positions as he does. She says it drives her nuts. And lo and behold, her husband is just the opposite. He’s like me. He obsesses about turning off the darn lights! He goes around turning off lights, and then she secretly does her backup check to make sure the switches are right. Did I tell you the light switch police do this in secret? Wait until Tom sees this light switch! I don't think the one in the middle is either off or on. Oops!
Yep, we all have something in common. How about you? Do you have a light fixation? If so, I would love to hear your story. I can always use a good laugh. Post it on my blog or email me at  Enjoy your day! Ann Mullen


wendy k said...

I am constantly cutting them off.. when im at someone elses house too! lol

Della said...

OMG i have to say i do. i hate when one of my kids leave the room and don't turn the light off. and the light fixture if the lights are off the switch should be down and up if the lights are on. i know it sounds crazy but that's how it is.and if not i will take the switch out and turn it.