Tuesday, December 04, 2012

My Poor Eye

Many years ago, I kept getting an ad in the mail about a publisher who wanted to publish my poem in a book (that I could later buy for $50). Did I have a poem to submit? I mean, if you get something publlished, you'd want to see it in print, wouldn't you?

Well, we all know what that's all about. Many of you out there have probably gotten the same type of invitation in the mail at one time or another. It's a bait and switch ploy to get you to buy the book. They don't care what kind of trash you write. They just want your money.

So... I sat down and wrote the worst poem I could—which wasn't hard. It was so bad even I didn't want to read it. For your laughing pleasure, here it is:

~My Poor Eye~

Oh, me, oh my
I hurt my eye
I'm going to cry
because I hurt my eye.
I'm going to die
because I hurt my eye
Watch me cry
because I hurt my eye.
Oh, me, oh my.

Ha... now that's a bad poem. But guess what? They said they loved it and wanted to publish it. Would I please fill out the form (signature required) and send in my poem. Oh, and the money for the book. Yeah... right. I'll jump right on it.

I hope I made you smile.

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