Thursday, November 14, 2013

How Much Is Too Much?

It was thirty degrees yesterday, the exterminator was coming, and I had to vacate the house for three hours. So what was I going to do for three hours? Hang around outside? No way. Not only that, but what was I going to do with the dog? I could find plenty of errands to run, but I couldn't go off and leave Coal outside. 

I could build a campfire, but it would take a mighty BIG bonfire to keep us warm for that long.

I decided I would take Coal with me (as I knew I would). He's always been real good about riding in a car, so I figured we'd be all right. I could go across the mountain and make a few stops, while Coal waited in the car. Sitting in my car would be a lot better than sitting outside in the freezing cold.

Yeah, we'd have fun and the three hours would fly by! As I drove, Coal sat quietly in his seat, just as calm as could be. What a great dog! He admired the scenery and behaved himself so well. I was really proud of him. Oh, he'd bark occasionally, but that was only when I got out of the car.
Coal loved the scenery.

We stopped at McDonald's in Elkton. Coal liked the caboose.

Two and a half hours had passed and we were on our way home, but I had one more stop I wanted to make. I pulled into the GreatValu parking lot, parked the car and then looked over at Coal. I promised him this would be our last stop.

Well... I guess he'd had as much fun as he could take. Yeah, you guessed it—he threw up in the car. (Fortunately, I had covered the seat with a sheet and a blanket.) I cleaned up the mess, patted him on the head, and then brought the poor guy home.

All in all, the day worked out well. Coal didn't freeze to death, and I learned not to push my dog to the limit.

Arf! Arf!

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Unknown said...

Coal looks happy taking that car ride, at least you remembered to cover the seats. Maybe Mc Donalds didn't agree with him....LOL. I will probably change to K9 advantage too.