Monday, December 09, 2013

Ice on the Ground and Out of Coffee

Well... I got some of the white stuff. Unfortunately, it's ice and not snow. Won't be building a snowman. Woke up this morning at 5:00 with the lights flickering and then total darkness. Bummer. Surprisingly, the power was back on after thirty minutes. Wahoo! I hate losing power, especially when it's this cold. Glad to have a wood stove for heat and gas stove in kitchen for cooking—not that I like to cook or anything—but I do like to eat. Stay warm folks, and I hope you don't lose power.

Oh, no! What's happening outside now? Is it sleeting again? Geez. I'm out of coffee and I'm going to the store to buy some even if I have to ride one of the donkeys to get there. Oh... that's right... that's not going to happen. They won't come out of the stable this morning. Can't blame them. And... they're still mad about that harness thing. Tom Mullen and Andy the farrier put a harness on each one a while back (that lasted about a day or so), and they'll still snubbing me like it was all my fault. Guess that's why people call them stubborn asses. If the hoof fits....

Donkey—Yeah, that's his real name.

Belle, our precious little donkey will be a year old December 17th.

 Stubborn or not, I still love them!

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