Friday, August 22, 2014

Go With What Works For You

Right after my books went live on Kindle, they also went live on NOOK. After several months, I found out they just weren’t selling on NOOK, so I removed them.

I did this because I wanted to put some of them in the Prime Program/Amazon Kindle and to be able do this, my ebooks couldn’t be sold anywhere else. They weren’t selling on NOOK, so why not make a change?

That’s the way it has been for over a year and sales have been very good on Amazon Kindle. Then, I started getting emails from readers asking why they weren’t available on NOOK. Sooo… I took all but two out of Prime/Kindle and they went live again on NOOK.

Normally, my books sell well on Kindle, but not this month. This month the sales have been dismal, and to top it off, only one person has purchased a book on NOOK so far. What does that tell you? 

I’m sorry readers, but there just isn’t a market out there for NOOK. Not for me anyway. Some of my books will be available on NOOK, including my newest one, The Prey Bites Back, but I’m headed back home to Kindle Prime.

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Sometimes you just have to go with what works for you. I love my Kindle Prime.

Sable says hello.

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njstitch said...

Hi Ann, I love my e readers because I can adjust the typeface for my vision problems. I have a Nook reader and I use the Kindle app on my PC tablet. I use the Nook when my arms and hands hurt, but I mainly read via Kindle now. I doubt that I am alone in the switch. I love to read 100 year old mysteries, such as Louis Tracy and Carolyn Wells. Most of the old books are read on my tablet and are downloaded from Kindle or Google books.

BTW, I just read the first Jesse Watson book and I LOVED IT! I'll be starting book 2 later today. Please keep writing! Joan in New Jersey