Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Don't have a snow plow? Make one of your own!

Introducing the Pallet Plow!

This is how Tom and I handled the snow. Friday, Feb. 4th, we got another snowfall (17 inches) the 4th one since Christmas. I, (the inventor in the family), came up with the idea of tying two pallets together and then draging it around the driveway and yard. And it worked! I have to give Tom credit with the idea of adding two large, cut pieces of a tree that he had cut down a while back (but hadn't split yet). Adding the logs gave the two pallets the weight we needed to hold them down. Then, using a heavyduty rope, we tied the pallets to the back of our 4Runner SUV and started the drag. And... it worked like a champ! We thought our Pallet Plow might clog up behind the 4Runner, but it didn't. You'd be amazed at how well it worked! There is one drawback to the Pallet Plow--you can't back up. Ha... ha... laugh out loud!

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