Wednesday, January 27, 2010

~Speaking of which~

No, the pic you're looking at isn't the result of the melting snow we had a couple of weeks ago, but is the flood we had Monday, Jan. 25th. We woke up to flooded roads and impassable bridges. In this photo there's a road and a bridge under all that water. As my new friend, Margaret (who always looks at the possitive side of everything) would probably say, "Well, that's just part of living in the mountains!" We love it!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ann,
What fun to see Margaret and Robert in their new home. I have seen pictures of the construction from the beginning but this is the first of the two of them in thier home.
If you see a trailer parked in their lower driveway it will me and my husband Michael visiting. Robert has promised us electric and a turn around.
Margaret has kept me up to date with your books and I love reading about the adventures of Jesse and crew. I am a big fan of mystery/adventure books so keep them coming.

Kathy, Margarets sister
Olean, NY