Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lunch Break Shorts

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Lunch Break Shorts—A collection of six short stories, including one alternate ending, for your lunch break reading pleasure. Approximately 27,000 words. A quick read. 

*Encounter—A late night call sends Lila on a dangerous journey.
*No More—An abusive husband and a road trip turns deadly for Denise.
*A Gray Area—Lonnie faces the aftermath of his wife’s murder. Will he get revenge?
*A Gray Area 2 (alternate ending)
*Instincts—Sarah’s blind date goes horribly wrong.
*Bittersweet—Evidence of a cheating husband causes a wife to panic.
*The Irony of It All—Lois plans the murder of her husband.

I love writing mysteries with quirky, intriguing characters. Not only do I want to pique your interest with a suspenseful tale, but I also want to make you smile at unexpected times. I hope you enjoy my style of writing.

Note: Lunch Break Shorts will be FREE on Kindle—Monday, Feb. 25th. 

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