Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Two Good Reads

Messages From Henry
by Rebecca Scarberry 5 Stars
Title: Terrific!

Evelyn has been kidnapped and her homing pigeon Henry is out to save her. His devotion, loyalty, and determination are heart-warming. Messages from Henry is a terrific, fast-paced read that will leave you wanting more from Rebecca Scarberry. Filled with twists and turns around every corner, this short story was a joy to read. Excellent!

Rat Bastards and Teapots
By Jill Edmondson 5 Stars
Title: Loved it!

I must admit that I bought this book because the title grabbed me right from the beginning. Rat Bastards and Teapots—loved the title. The short stories were very interesting and well written, making it a great read. I also liked how Jill Edmondson included some very good poems as a little extra. This was a quick read that will linger on in your mind for a while. Very good!

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