Thursday, March 28, 2013

Eye Know Better Now

Reviews and What They Mean To You—I'm constantly learning something new every day. I always thought good reviews were awesome and bad reviews were... well, just bad.  But I found out that isn't so. It doesn't matter whether it's a bad review or a good review. All that matters is how many reviews a book gets. That's all that counts when it comes to Amazon rank. Several times I started to download Under the Aspens, but the reviews were so horrible, I didn't bother. Well... I changed my mind and decided to give it a try. Here is my review:

Under the Aspens
by Elizabeth Sherry 1 Star
Title: Is this a joke?

This is possibly the worst book I’ve ever read, and I’ve read my share of bad ones. I made it to the middle of Chapter 2 and that was enough for me. The style of writing was juvenile and read like a bad play, complete with stage direction and boring dialogue. I closed the curtain on this one.

Don’t waste your time. There’s no intrigue here, and the only mystery is—why did I bother? I read the reviews—I should’ve known better. 

Amazon best sellers rank #570 free. Is this a joke?

*** I will not be posting this review on Amazon because it will only serve to raise the book's ranking against other well-written and much more interesting books.

At first, I wouldn't post a bad review because I figured it was hard enough for authors to succeed, but now I realize that even a bad review is good. So... instead of posting a bad review of a book on Amazon, I'll be posting it here.

If you've read any of my books and hated them, feel free to tell everyone by posting a review on Amazon. And if you liked them, even better, and please consider leaving a review. Now that eye know better, I'll take what I can get. 


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