Monday, April 15, 2013

Retirement is Hard Work

I've never had a job that required hard, physical labor, so I guess you might call me a slacker now that I'm retired. But I'm not... really.

I herd farm animals.

Sometimes I have to get through a foot of snow to do it.

I watch over chickens when the rooster isn't eyeballing me.

Roll hay into the corral. Now that's hard.

Teach donkeys to listen to me when I'm talking.

Yep, retirement is hard work. If you think I'm crazy, come help me muck out the stable or shovel... well, you know.

But ain't life grand? Just think—I could be living in the city. Now that would be hard work.


Unknown said...

Ahh the reitred life Ann, you know that when you had a real job you were too busy to realize all the things that were not getting done because you were at work. The old adage, "I don't know when I had time to work" is so true to the retired person. Life in the city is not hard, just different. Love your site.

Ann Mullen said...

Thanks, Peter Hobbs for the comment. You're right. City life isn't hard, just different. I lived in Newport News for over forty years and it really is different than living in a rural area like the mountains. I love the seclusion here and I don't miss all the traffic. Also, when one hears a gunshot, it's usually someone target shooting or deer hunters, not a drive-by. Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment. Ann