Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We're Having a Baby!

It's official! Our donkey, Sable, is having a little donkette! We felt it kick the other day. What an amazing thing it is to feel a little life moving around inside her belly. We bought Sable and Donkey (the jack) about a month or so ago, and boy did we get a bargain. We got both donkeys for the price of one, and now we're getting an extra bonus. Donkeys are pregnant for a year (ugh... glad humans aren't pregnant that long) and since she's about ready to explode, I'm sure she was with donkette when we got her. Needless to say, the coral has to be enlarged. So much work to do/so little time. My guess is she'll probably give birth when we're knee deep in snow.

We know about as much about raising donkeys as we do about raising chickens, but we're learning. We now have twelve hens and a rooster to keep the donkeys company. Or is it the other way around?

Wish us luck. We're going to need it! Ain't life grand!


Fijufic said...

There will be Donkeys running loose on Taylor Mountain!!!

Ann Mullen said...

I don't live on Taylor Mountain. I'm one road over at the base of Saddle Back Mountain. And yes, there will be donleys aplenty, doing whatever they feel like.